Cod Liver Oil Heals Cavities


Cholesterol is a vital building block for the production of hormones. To have proper hormone function, we need cholesterol. Cholesterol is not a deadly poi­son, but a substance vital to the cells of all mammals.78 There is no evidence that too much animal fat and cholesterol in the diet promote atherosclerosis or heart attacks.79 Many of us are wrongly afraid of eating delicious foods that contain this necessary substance. Do not believe the television, the newspaper, or the doctor who tells you that cholesterol is bad. If cholesterol from animal fats were unhealthy, then why do we desire them so much?

Part of this fear-inducing story is the claim that eating too much animal fat raises serum cholesterol and thus increases the chance of heart disease. Your body produces three to four times more cholesterol than you eat. When examined more closely, you will see that cholesterol from healthy fats is not dangerous and that cholesterol levels do not bear any relation to the prevalence of heart disease. For more information and a plethora of evidence, I recommend visiting The Cholesterol Myths, by Uffe Ravn­skov, MD, PhD, at: www.ravnskov .nu/cholesterol.htm

Cod Liver Oil Heals Cavities

When vitamins A and D are taken together they are not toxic.95 The most potent and easy way to consume the fat-soluble vitamins A and D together is cod liver oil. One teaspoonful of good cod liver oil has the vitamin A equivalent to 51/2 quarts of milk, or 1 pound of butter, or 9 eggs.

Dr. Price described an experiment that shows the potency of cod liver oil in remineralizing teeth which was reported in The New Zealand Dental Journal. In a group of sixty-six native girls the thirty-three with the best teeth were used as a control group. The remaining thirty-three were given the additional fat-soluble vitamins A and D in the form of two teaspoons of cod liver oil per day. The diet of both the control group and the test group was otherwise the same. In six months’ time the group taking cod liver oil was 41.75 per cent more resistant to tooth cavi­ties than the previously more immune control group not taking cod liver oi1.96

The Best Cod Liver Oil

Recently someone wrote me concerning a miraculous recovery from tooth decay. He had been suffering from a toothache for six months, made two dental vis­its, received two new fillings on the same tooth yet the toothache continued unabated. The dentist recommended a root canal and a crown to stop the pain. After one serving of cod liver oil, the sufferer’s pain completely disappeared and has not returned.

Not all cod liver oils are alike. Cod liver oils purchased at health food stores do not have any of their natural vitamin D intact. Commercial cod liver oil production includes alkali refining, bleaching, winterization which removes satu­rated fats, and deodorization which removes pesticides but also vitamins A and D.97 In this process fat-soluble vitamin D is completely destroyed, and fat-soluble vitamin A is mostly destroyed.

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The best available cod liver oil in health food stores seems to be Nordic Nat­urals® Arctic’ Cod Liver Oil without vitamin D added. This product contains no natural fat-soluble vitamin D. If a brand of store-bought cod liver oil has vitamin D on the label, it is highly likely to be artificial vitamin D3 added to the cod liver oil. 98 That the vitamin D is not from the cod liver is not revealed on the labels.

Most cod liver oils also have a fractionated form of vitamin E added as a preservative. I have learned of people who developed allergic responses such as warts and headaches to the d-alpha tocopherol preservative added to cod liver oil if they take large dosages. Because of the distillation process, there isn’t much of a fishy taste and these cod liver oils are very easy to take. But the key benefit of the cod liver oil to combat tooth decay is the fat-soluble vitamin D, and commercial varieties just don’t have it in its natural form.

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Green Pasture’ produces the highest quality, most nutrient-dense cod liver oil on the market called Blue Ice” fermented cod liver oil. It contains all of the cod liver’s vitamin D intact because they use a fermentation process rather than a distillation process. The cod liver oil is never heated and it is carefully filtered to keep in all of the natural vitamins. As a result of the fermentation there can be a moderate biting aftertaste, which is not a problem for most people.

Green PastureTM’ does not heat their product, and the lactic acid fermentation along with the nutrients in the cod liver naturally preserve the oil so there is nothing synthetic in it. I personally use Green Pasture’sTM’ fermented cod liver oil and so does my family including my 21/2-year-old daughter. The high quality of fat-soluble vitamins in the fermented oil gives your body the vitamins in the forms it needs them. If you plan on consuming cod liver oil regularly, Green Pasture’ is the safest way to go. To purchase your fermented cod liver oil, go to www.codliveroilshop .com

Cod Liver Oil Dosage

I/4— 1/2 teaspoon 2-3 times per day for teens and adults for a total of 1/2 —11/2 teaspoons per day

The amount of cod liver oil you should take depends on your deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins A and D, your weight, your level of sun exposure and your overall health. I suggest starting with this dosage level, and then either increase or decrease your dose depending on what feels best for you. Don’t be afraid to skip taking cod liver oil on some days, and to take more on other days. 21/2 of Green Pasture’s” cod liver oil capsules equals about a quarter teaspoon.

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