More fat-soluble vitamin sources to heal cavities naturally

This following section is for advanced tooth decay food healing, and is also very useful for international readers. Adding any one of these foods into your diet, even on occasion, will strengthen your body’s resilience against cavities. You can stop cavities without the foods in this section or the seafood section if you are tak­ing cod liver oil, or cod liver oil with butter oil. You are not required to eat these foods if you do not want to. I also don’t want to downplay the importance of these sacred foods. Learning to love and eat these foods has changed people’s lives.

Dr. Price wrote about how Canadian Indians achieved excellent health, teeth and bones:

The Indian knows where these special life-giving substances are to be found and he like the wild carnivorous animal is wise in food selection. He accordingly selects the liver, brain, kidneys, and glands. Part of every day’s food for the Indians includes eating some of these special tissues. The parents provide these for the children and teach them their special values.

The Canadian Indians, with their active lifestyle and diet of 3000 calories per day, ate an estimated 400 calories of organ meat and glands daily. For example, it would take about 4 ounces of liver, 4 ounces of kidney, and 4 ounces of intestine together to equal 400 calories. Liver is the most valuable gland for its nutrients and also the most easily obtained. Liver may accumulate toxins, so it is vitally important to acquire liver from the highest quality grass-fed or wild caught ani­mals. If you are further concerned about toxins in your liver, you can soak it in warm water or in milk for a few minutes to a few hours and then discard the liquid.

Eating many different types of glands regularly is a sure way to build your health. Very expensive restaurants know the value of organ meats, and have sweet­breads (the thymus gland), and foie gras (goose or duck liver) regularly on their menu. Including animal glands in your diet will also contribute to your glandu­lar system’s balance, because your body can use the hormones in the glands to replenish your own glands. If this all sounds like too much for you, natural hor­mones can be found in colostrum as well. Colostrum is best if it is immediately used or frozen after milking.

Bone marrow is an important secret to reversing tooth decay. Bone marrow adds a valuable factor that helps remineralize tooth dentin and adds a measure of safety to a healthy diet. Within the bone marrow are many important bone-building cells that help rejuvenate the body and promote bone growth. Bone marrow can be eaten raw or cooked. It can be eaten plain, on toast, or in soups.

Organs and glands provide the missing fat-soluble vitamins and cofactors in our modern diet. In many countries across the world, people still consume large amounts of organs and glands. In our modern western culture, this habit has been lost, and as a result our growing boys and girls often develop poor facial structures, due to incomplete bone growth.

Organ Meat Tip

Don’t forget to eat the brain. For example, in some parts of China children fight over a special treat: who gets to suck the brains out of the chicken’s head.

Organs and Glands Sources:

Farmer’s markets—I love supporting small farmers. Request your local

farmer to save you the organs and glands when he butchers his animals.

Health food stores—Generally in the frozen section you will find beef liver and beef or pork bones. Many stores have chicken liver for sale, because it tastes good.

www.eatwild .com—This resource can help you to locate local and online grass-fed and free-range animal foods in your area to buy direct from the source.

www.uswellnessmeats .com—A high quality mail order supplier of all types of grass-fed foods: chicken, pork, beef, lamb, bison, butter, cheese and sea­food (wild, not grass-fed). US Wellness Meats has extended a special offer to readers. Enter coupon code HEALTH15 when you order from them and get 15% off your of your first order weighing less than 40 pounds.

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Organs from the Water

The ideal immunity from tooth decay is obtained when we use foods from at least two of the three special food categories. Butter and organ meats from land ani­mals have been discussed already; now let’s look to rivers, lakes and the ocean.

Oysters and clams are exceptional foods. They are usually eaten whole, raw and alive and they include all the primitive organs (fat-soluble vitamins) and are very high in trace minerals. If you can, do not neglect the organs from wild fish, such as the livers. The meat, eyes, and brains, from fish heads contain high amounts of vitamins, which promote overall health.

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In many parts of the world, the entire shellfish is valued. In the United States, we crack and clean our crabs and lobsters discarding the most valuable part, the organs and the fat. Yet everywhere else on the planet, every single drop of substance in the lobster or crab is saved and eaten. The shells are even boiled into a delicious broth. The innards of crab and lobster, known as mustard and tomalley respectively, are very rich in bone- building, fat-soluble vitamins. Cray fish, which look like miniature lobsters, also contain these valuable fat-soluble vitamins and are found in lakes and streams. In Western countries the danger from pollution of eating shellfish or their organs is very low due to strict regula­tions.

Shellfish are very sensitive to chemical pollution, and unfortunately we have lost large harvesting areas of our sea foods due to pollution. For example, the destruction of the Long Island Sound lobster habitat was caused from runoff from mass malathion agricultural spraying. I bring this up because when you start to see the value of our animal foods to our health, you also may experience the need to take action to block our own government and corporations from destroy­ing our sea food sources. We can also use our intelligence to restore damaged and polluted eco-systems so that future generations can enjoy the health benefits of fish and shellfish.

Many cultures of the world also know the value of other sea foods, like sea urchin, sea snail, mussels, and other sea forms. People eating these foods tend to have excellent bone development and excellent teeth.

Extremely Effective Fermented Skate Liver Oil

The skate is a cousin of the shark and ratfish, and it looks like a small sting ray. Traditionally in the South Seas, natives would risk their lives to hunt for sharks even though they didn’t need to for food. They risked their lives for the oil of the shark liver.

To extract the oil they would store the shark liver in the shark’s stomach and let it ferment hanging in the warm air for months.106 Today sharks are an abused species of fish and I would feel concerned about using shark prod­ucts. Luckily, many unique nutrients found in shark liver oil such as chondroitin, squalene, and alkoxyglycerols are found in the skate. Skate liver is also high in fat-soluble vitamins A and D.

Skate Liver Oil Dosage

Y8-1/4 teaspoon 2-3 times per day (1/4-3/4 teaspoons daily)

Skate liver oil can be used in replacement of cod liver oil, or with cod liver oil. Adjust your dosage accordingly. Skate liver oil is a hidden secret to obtaining a very high concentration of fat-soluble vitamins, the type of vitamins that make teeth and bones extra hard. I recommend its use along with cod liver oil. To obtain your skate liver oil go to: www.codliveroilshop .com

Fat-soluble Vitamin Summary

The miracle of fat-soluble vitamins is that simply returning them to your diet can heal your teeth and aid in healing your gums. The absence of fat-soluble vitamins is the primary cause of tooth cavities in modern civilization. In your daily diet you need Activator X and vitamins A and D. The chief sources of these fat-soluble vitamins are: grass-fed dairy, organs of grass-fed land animals, and the organs and fat of wild sea foods.

By reviewing the fat-soluble vitamin intake recommendations from this website, you should be able to come up with your own plan of a healthy diet based upon whatever dietary, logistical or financial constraints you have in your life. I will summarize the guidelines here.

The simplest and most effective way to add fat-soluble vitamins to your diet is to use Green Pasture’s’ butter oil and fermented cod liver oil daily before or with meals. Green Pasture’ even makes a convenient blend of 1/3 butter oil and 2/3 cod liver oil called Blue IceTM royal blend.

The teen or adult dosage for the royal blend would be 1/2 teaspoon or a little bit more two to three times per day with meals (or 7-10 capsules per day, spread throughout the day). The royal blend mixture has a softer aftertaste than the plain fermented cod liver oil so some people prefer this product. Green Pasture’s’ products can be purchased at: www.codliveroilshop .com

Summary of Ideal Fat-Soluble Vitamin Supplementation

1/2 teaspoon of Blue Ice’ royal blend 2-3 times per day (1-1 1/2 teaspoons daily)

- together with -

1/8 teaspoon of Blue Ice’ fermented skate liver oil 2-3 times per day.
(1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon daily)

If you are financially strapped, I suggest using the Blue Ice’ royal blend in smaller doses. If you must use store foods, then use Anchor pasteurized butter (or Kerrygold) with Nordic Naturals® Arctic’ cod liver oil.

Advanced food enthusi­asts use Green Pasture’s’ products as a backup or as a supplement, and obtain their fat-soluble vitamins and activators from regular consumption of a wide range of organ meats, sea foods and raw grass-fed butter.

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