Nature’s rules for healing Teeth with diet

Hippocrates believed in vis medicatrix naturae—Nature’s innate ability to heal. Weston Price also acknowledged this same principle, concluding that “Life in all its fullness is this mother nature obeyed.All you need to do to heal cavities is understand Nature’s rules for health, and then follow them. When you follow these rules, the built-in ability for your teeth to heal will take over. Dr. Price’s tooth decay prevention protocol has shown a success rate of over 90%.204 To heal your teeth, align yourself with this subtle natural force, and change how you eat.

Nature’s Rules for Healing Teeth

Let us review some key points to help you align with and understand the principles that govern the functions of your body and teeth:

Tooth decay is caused by environmental forces such as food; you have complete control over your diet.

“Dangerous” bacteria are not the cause of cavities and do not randomly attack innocent victims.

Our modern diet is deficient in fat-soluble vitamins and minerals needed for healthy teeth and bones.

Tooth decay occurs when your body chemistry falls out of balance and your body sends hormonal signals that tell your teeth to stop remineral­izing. The imbalance is caused by blood sugar spikes and a disruption in your calcium and phosphorous metabolism. Eating plenty of vegeta­bles, limiting your sugar intake, eating enough proteins and a diet that includes plenty of fat-soluble vitamins usually resolves this imbalance.

Dentists are surgeons who treat the symptoms of dental disease with sur­gery. Dental treatments usually provide only short term results. Dentistry has never promised to remineralize cavities or to prevent future cavi­ties.

Remineralize Your Teeth with Diet

In the previous post I presented detailed dietary instructions on what to eat and why in order to remineralize your carious teeth. We learned about Nature’s health principles by examining the diets of indigenous peoples across the globe. I will now compile several highly effective dietary programs based upon decades of research performed by some of the world’s best dentists including Weston Price and Melvin Page. I will also draw upon the lifetime of dental experience of dentist George Heard, and the decades of controlled feeding experiments by doc­tors Edward and May Mellanby. In addition these programs are brought together using volumes of research from dental and nutritional publications as well as from my personal experience of five years in helping people remineralize their teeth with diet.

Each program presented here may have new tips, tricks and ideas for you to learn. You will also find meal ideas and recipes in the next post. Nothing in this post is meant to replace your innate knowledge. If something does not feel right, or does not work for you, then please change these guidelines to fit what feels the best for you. I will offer a basic program that is easiest to follow, a balanced program designed for most readers, and an advanced as well as a veg­etarian program.

Each program involves several important aspects to heal tooth decay. I want you to understand the structure so you can create the type of diet you want.

  1. Add fat-soluble vitamins A, D and Activator X to the diet.
  2. Consume portions of protein throughout the day to balance blood sugar.
  3. Avoid or reduce modern denatured foods.
  4. Eat foods to increase mineral intake, particularly broth, dairy products and vegetables.

For simplicity’s sake I will consistently recommend Green Pasture’s’ products in these programs. You can use the guidelines in an earlier post to find substitute sources of fat-soluble vitamins to your liking.

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