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Baker's cyst – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Ongoing care Edit

Baker’s cyst – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Ongoing care

Basics Description A fluid-filled synovial sac arising in the popliteal fossa Distention of the gastrocnemial-semimembranous bursa Can be unilateral or bilateral Primary cysts are a distention of the bursa arising independently without an intra-articular disorder Secondary cysts occur if a communication exists between the bursa and knee joint, allowing articular fluid to fill the cyst. Pathologic joint processes can also be transmitted in this manner. Associated with synovial inflammation Synonym: Popliteal cyst Epidemiology Incidence Bimodal distribution: Children ages 4–7, and adults increasing with age Primary cysts usually seen in children under 15 years of age Secondary cysts seen in the adult population Prevalence Varies by study Studies report a prevalence of 19–47% in symptomatic knees, 2–5% in asymptomatic knees In children, 6.3% in symptomatic knees, 2.4% in asymptomatic knees Risk Factors Osteoarthritis of knee (most common) (1)[B] Rheumatoid arthritis Meniscal degeneration or tear Advancing age Ligamentous insufficiency Pathophysiology Extension or…