Weston Price’s Activator X for Cure Tooth Decay – Fat Soluble Activator X

In June, Dr. Price witnessed the natives of the Loetschental Valley “thank the kind Father for evidence of his Being in the life-giving qualities of butter and cheese when the cows eat the grass near the snow line.” The evidence of his Being, Weston Price determined, is a hormone similar to vitamin D which he called Activator X. Dr. Price theorized, “There must be some food substance that is not adequately provided in modern nutrition…” He thought this because skeletons of indigenous people show perfect bone growth and immunity to tooth decay. Activator X is this missing nutrient. Activator X is found in its highest con­centration in grass-fed dairy, when the animals graze on rapidly growing green grass, and is also present in fish eggs, and the organs and fat of some land animals when they graze on rapidly growing plants.

Activator X likely comes from plant steroids during a period of new growth which are then converted by the animal’s body into the tooth-remineralizing force called Activator X. In my experience having grass-fed butter in your diet is essential in order to remineralize tooth decay. The content of Activator X in butter can be seen by its pigment. The period of rapid growth for grass occurs anywhere from May through September, depending on the particular climate. The more yellow and orange the summer butter, the more vitamin rich it likely is. Activator X-rich butter is a factor of the soil, the time of the year, the breed of the animal and the types of grasses, herbs and legumes consumed. Grass-fed butter is not always rich in Activator X, but only rich when there is rapid new growth.

Dr. Price found that Activator X-rich butter could heal rickets and that it brought blood serum calcium and phosphorous ratios towards normal. In practical experiments as well as with lab animals, Dr. Price found that combin­ing cod liver oil with yellow summer butter created a synergistic effect.

Fat Soluble Activator X


X-Factor High Vitamin Butter Oil

Raw Butter or Ghee from Grassfed Butter when the animal eats rapidly growing green grass.

Raw Cream from dairy animals eating rapidly growing green grass Fish Eggs

Foods that Highly Likely Contain Activator X

The mustard and tomalley (innards) of crab and lobster

Skate Liver Oil

Animal Livers when the animals eat rapidly growing grass

Goose or Duck Liver

Bone Marrow

Animal glands, such as thyroid when they eat rapidly growing grass

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Intestines of animals when they eat rapidly growing grass

Small amounts in Grass-fed Cheese from rapidly growing grass

Small amounts in Grass-fed Eggs

Blood from animals consuming rapidly growing grass

Without clear tests and scientific studies on Activator X, I could not provide specific figures for these data tables. Besides fish eggs and grass-fed spring or summer butter, there isn’t clear data on how effective or potent each food source is in terms of its Activator X content. Where the potency is unclear, I put foods into the highly likely Activator X category. From land animals, the Activator X content is dependent on the season. For sea animals, they likely have moderate amounts of Activator X year round depending on the animal.

I have found summer grass-fed butter to be highly effective in making teeth very hard, and in securing loose teeth in their sockets by strengthening the peri­odontal ligament.

Green Pasture” is the only company currently producing X-Factor GoldTm high vitamin butter oil. It is extremely potent in its levels of Activator X and this product is not the same as ghee. As is the case with everything I recommend on this website, it is your decision to use this product or not. It is a very potent and convenient way to ensure you have plenty of Activator X in your diet.

Activator X Dosage
1/4 teaspoon 2-3 times per day of X-factor Gold’ (1/2-3A teaspoons daily)
1 teaspoon 2-3 times per day of spring / summer grass-fed butter
(1-11/2 tablespoons daily)
- or -
1 tablespoon of wild caught fish eggs per day

The best butter to use is raw grass-fed butter. Water buffalo, which is used in Africa and India, seems to produce a high Activator X and vitamin D butterfat, but the high nutrient content of this fat could be the result of the animal’s skin color, or the food they eat. Raw butter is better than pasteurized because it has more healing effects on the body. If you are using X-Factor Gold’ capsules then 2 capsules are equal to about IA teaspoon. The effectiveness of the spring / sum­mer grass-fed butter on healing cavities varies widely depending on what types of grasses the cows eat. Fish eggs may also vary by species in their Activator X content based upon what food the fish eats.

High Nutrient Butter Sources:

Local raw butter—Sources for local butter from grass-fed animals are available at: www.realmilk .com. The yellow butter is available from local sources during the spring and summer after the cows eat rapidly growing green grass. You can save high vitamin butter for the winter by freezing it.

Commercial pasteurized butter—Pasteurization damages the butter’s qual­ity, but it does not destroy activator X. The store brands that seem to contain the highest activator X content are Kerrygold from Ireland and Anchor butter from New Zealand. New Zealand’s climate is nirvana for cows, and Anchor is my favorite store brand butter if I cannot obtain raw grass-fed butter. Many health food stores can special order a case of Anchor butter (10 pounds) from their distributor. I recommend the unsalted varieties of these butters. Besides Anchor butter, you may find some smaller brands of grass-fed butters that have a nice yellow color available in your area. These are also a tasty option. For people who are concerned about the fact that the butter is pasteurized, you can convert the butter into ghee. If you are not pleased with your tooth remineralization, i.e., your teeth do not stop decaying on these pasteurized butters, then you will need to try a more potent form of activator X.

X-Factor Gold’ high vitamin butter oil can be obtained through www.cod­liveroilshop .com

Fish eggs can be obtained from preservative-free caviar, Japanese food markets, and seasonally from good fish merchants. Where I used to live in Santa Cruz, the local fish warehouse would discard the entire fish carcass of locally caught fish after harvesting the meat. Many of the discarded fish were filled with eggs.

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