Why you need to restore the Body’s Natural Ability to heal itself

You are sitting on a familiar box, begging for pennies to survive, unaware that inside the box is a treasure that will not only fund this survival, but will also give you wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

You are not alone. Millions of Americans, like millions of others worldwide, are doing the same thing. Maybe you’re begging for help to solve a small but troubling health problem, like extra weight, ongoing fatigue, allergies, depression, or a digestive disorder. Maybe you need help to avoid developing a bigger problem, like one of the so-called dis­eases of civilization—cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, and auto-immune disorders. Or maybe you want very much to look and feel younger and more radiant, and to slow down the onset of aging.

The pennies you are asking for are the prescription medications and surgeries that you have been taught are essential to remedy your problems. So you leave your hand out and collect what you can, wait­ing for the help promised to you by doctors, drug companies, and advertising.

But the truth is different. The power to heal lies somewhere much closer. You already have it, and you don’t need prescriptions, treat­ments, or expensive experts to get it. In fact, you’re sitting right on top of it.

That familiar box that’s supporting you, almost unnoticed, is your own body, run by its incredible natural intelligence. The wealth beyond belief is the vibrant well-being and longevity that are your birthright.

And the treasure inside that will deliver this state of vitality, beauty, and vigor? It’s something you probably haven’t been taught to value. It’s a system that is designed by nature to keep you healthy, youthful, and happy, if you only help it carry out its functions. It is the missing part of the health puzzle—an untapped source of healing, regenera­tion, restoration, and even rejuvenation. It is the on-board system that makes you and keeps you Detox, your system of detoxification.

This system, which comprises many organs and physiological pro­cesses working together throughout the body, is a wellspring of health. But its value has been forgotten. Modern medicine’s fascination with molecules and micro-technology has targeted attention obsessively on smaller and smaller aspects of our biology while losing interest in look­ing at the big-picture systems in the body that keep us surviving and thriving. This is a mistake. Many of the health problems that trouble so many modern humans and cost society so much money can be allevi­ated when—instead of getting more detail-oriented in your approach, recruiting more superspecialists, inventing more technology, and add­ing in more medication—you take a broader perspective and do some­thing simpler: turn your attention to the treasure that is already there, the detoxification system, and reactivate its potential.

A focused period of detoxifying is a reset for the whole physical and mental body. It delivers an all-access pass to boundless reserves of energy you didn’t know you had. You find that every part of your body works better, imbalances are rectified, and irritating symptoms get a chance to melt away on their own—all by your simply “switching on” a system that you were born with and that has been patiently waiting to serve you.

Imagine your right arm has been taped to the side of your body since birth. You grow up using only your left arm, thinking this is normal, because everyone else was exactly the same. As an adult you take on carpentry, and your business starts doubling each year. Just when you are about to collapse from the intense workload, a stranger rings your doorbell. He untapes your right arm, and to your surprise, without ever having dreamed of it as a possibility, you accelerate from a state of over­load, unable to fulfill your orders, to operating up to your unbounded true potential and doing more than ever before.

The stranger arriving at the door is the Detoxification program contained on this website. Untaping that arm is the act of uncovering and accelerat­ing the detoxification system’s full potential. The flourishing productiv­ity that results is your body’s natural ability to maintain steady energy, avoid colds and the flu, heal allergies, age gracefully, and avoid disease.

Who is a candidate for using this program? Everyone who lives a modern life, eats a modern diet, and inhabits the modern world.

For thousands of years, humanity has recognized the existence of toxic influences that cause dysfunction, damage, disease, premature aging, and death. These toxins have the potential to irritate and stress us and ultimately cause the body to suffer in many ways, small and large, from the unmeasurable realm of thought and emotion to the material chemicals generated as the waste by-products of our cells’ daily life. Ancient cultures also knew that we are equipped with a grand system of detoxification, which is the result of the harmonious collabo­ration of several smaller systems. This system is continuously working; in fact, it keeps us alive every second of every minute of every day. If the body didn’t constantly coordinate its complex symphony of activi­ties, these waste products would build up, we would become sick, and we would eventually die. The “baseline” detox mode that is occurring at every moment of our lives is part of the basic formula of life. It makes our very existence possible.

What the older traditions of healing understood very well was the crucial importance of harnessing the detoxification system and using it to our advantage in order to achieve our maximum mental, emotional, and physical potential. The sages and healers of many cul­tures, across borders and eras, all possessed the knowledge that this grand system must periodically be allowed to enter a deeper detox mode than its ordinary day-to-day function in order to handle the accumulation of toxins that can build up so easily in times of excess eating, activity, and stress.

Practitioners of these early healing traditions understood that rest­ing some of the major body systems, especially the digestive system, was integral to life. Fasting, silent retreats, and contemplative times were considered essential to a peaceful, healthy, and fulfilling experi­ence of life. It wasn’t just an esoteric concept. Human beings’ genetic evolution—the way our bodies work best—has been shaped by the fast­ing that was imposed on us by the hunter-gatherer way of life. For mil­lennia, humans experienced periods of feasting followed by periods of imposed famine. Long periods of having an empty belly were inescap­able, but this proved to be a key to health. The detoxification system could switch on and stay on with plenty of time and energy to do its essential cleanup work, liberating the body of a whole backload of waste products trapped inside, because it wasn’t competing with the digestive system for fuel.

Today, life has changed. We are newly waking up to something of an evolutionary paradox. The more the toxicity of modern life increases, bombarding us with unnatural toxins from our diet and the environment, the more the demands to detoxify have increased. Yet our body’s ability to handle the load hasn’t accelerated at the same rapid pace. How could it? The world might have changed dramatically in one century, but our bodies take many generations to make one genetic change. The more dangerously toxic life has become, and the more depleted of vital nutrients our diets have become, and the more rushed life has become, the more our grand detoxification system has gotten overwhelmed. It is almost hibernating: it is still there, doing the daily “baseline” work that allows us to live, but it is faltering under the additional twenty-first-century burden of poor diet, environmen­tal toxins, and stress.

We are all dealing with the effects of this to different degrees. Commonplace complaints such as headaches, bowel irregularities, allergies, weight problems, depression, anxiety, and pain are largely caused by failing detox systems. Looking older, feeling more tired, and losing the radiant luster of health are also directly related to this over­burdened state. Yet all of this can be reversed and, frequently, healed when we pay attention to detoxification.

Tragically, most premature deaths today are a direct result of failing detox systems. One of the most common consequences of poor detoxi­fication functioning is inflammation, the body’s necessary, but now dangerously overused, survival strategy. Modern medicine has only recently awakened to the fact that chronic inflammation is a common condition underlying the diseases that have become epidemics today, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders. Yet it is still blind to the root of the problem, the toxicity of modern life, and our bodies’ weakness in dealing with it. Only when we start the treatment there, targeting the seed of the problem, can we truly begin to ward off disease.

When I first consulted with Ellen at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in downtown Manhattan where I see patients several days a week, she was frustrated. After her yearly physical exam her doctor had told her she needed to take medication to lower her blood pressure. She was extremely reluctant to do so, because she believed there had to be a more natural way to lower it, but her physician offered no alterna­tive, instead presenting her with what she described as a “case closed, God has spoken” diagnosis and a prescribed course of drug treatment. It didn’t suit her; she was someone who wanted a partner in building her own health, not a dependency on expensive medication. She also sensed that taking chemical drugs daily would have a taxing effect on her body, though she couldn’t explain exactly why.

To start her on the path to lowering her blood pressure, I asked Ellen to do the Detoxification program. She hesitated for just a moment, con­cerned that it would disrupt her performance at work too much, but told me she was so eager to avoid blood pressure medications that some inconvenience didn’t matter to her. She followed the program to the letter, maintaining her usual five-day-a-week exercise routine but ton­ing down its intensity slightly. After completing Detoxification, Ellen’s results were impressive: her blood pressure decreased by 25 percent, she lost 21 pounds, her body-fat percentage dropped by 7 percent and her cho­lesterol levels fell by 40 percent. She was never hungry, had plenty of energy, and slept soundly. Even her physician congratulated her on her results. By putting some of her regular eating habits on hold and rest­ing her digestive system, Ellen had initiated a way for her body to find its way back to health. By taking early action, she had lowered the high blood pressure and high cholesterol that, untreated, could have landed her in a cardiologist’s office.

Detoxification has become a primary area of concern; I created the Detoxification program to boost this essential function, and it is a tool I use fre­quently in my practice. Although as a physician I specialize in diseases of the heart, I am constantly amazed by the ability of a detoxification program to transform all aspects of my patients’ well-being in such a simple, commonsense manner. Many of those trained in Western med­icine still view “cleansing” as an activity done on the fringes of alter­native healing. But the integrative model of medicine combines the wisdom of old and new, and today my understanding of detoxification is in complete resonance with what I learned during years of medical school training and practice. Detoxification as a complete and essential wellspring of health was never presented to us Western-trained doctors in the complete way that I understand it today, yet its power to heal was always there, right under our noses.

This website and the cleansing-detoxifying program it presents have grown out of the experience of helping many people jump-start their way back to the higher levels of health they deserve—becoming slim­mer, brighter, happier, more resilient, and less burdened by poor health conditions that once slowed down their lives. It will clearly dis­tinguish for you the connection between toxicity and most diseases. In fact, I think “disease” should be written “dis-ease,” to highlight the loss of a sense of well-being and ease, in addition to outright illness, that result from toxicity. Detoxification will show you how toxins, far from being invisible agents floating somewhere “out there” in the environ­ment, actually enter your body and corrode it from the inside. As tox­icity accumulates, your body systems are damaged one by one, start­ing with your intestines.

You will discover how the early signs and symptoms of toxicity are confused and ignored in our culture, often written off as the “normal” wear and tear on our body parts, as if nothing can be done. This failure to catch the early symptoms means that more serious signs and symp­toms appear later on. Typically they are suppressed by means of drugs and surgery, and once more the underlying primary cause remains unexamined and unaddressed. Finally, overburdened with toxicity, one or more systems in the body collapse and the chronic diseases that take so much effort to manage and mediate set in.

Modern medicine is still blind to this toxicity-disease connection. Instead, doctors generally wait until a “crash” happens in the form of an acute, emergency problem, and then they desperately call in the big guns (harsh drugs and surgery) to save the day. This medical artil­lery only adds to the toxic burden; instead of healing the problem at the root, the treatment results in more toxic residue for the body to eliminate.

Detoxification will reveal to you the connections that—like that familiar box you didn’t think to open but have been sitting on for years—have been ignored by most of society and most of modern medicine. It explains how intestinal irritation caused by dietary and environmental toxic­ity can present as a range of symptoms you might never have thought could be connected to toxicity, such as seasonal allergies, skin rashes, depression, or simply a lack of enthusiasm for life. Detoxification provides clarity among the hundreds of different cleansing-detox programs that have flooded our market and explains the science that ties them all together. It details what these toxins are, where they are, how you are exposed to them, and how they affect your life and health. It is a primer to surviv­ing and thriving in a toxic world.

But more important, Detoxification will give you the tools to reactivate your detoxification system to its fullest, giving it a chance to go into deep-cleaning mode and restore your body’s own ability to heal, regenerate, and even rejuvenate itself. The Detoxification program is a simple, safe, and medically proven way to put this powerful ancient knowledge to work in practical, modern ways. It will show you how a cleansing-detox program does not have to be disruptive to daily life or make you feel deprived. It can be incorporated into a regular schedule and support your need for energy while gradually eliminating the toxins that have blocked optimal functioning of body and mind. You can start slowly on your first-ever cleanse by doing a one-week program, make a bigger commitment with a fourteen-day program, or jump right in for a full commitment of three weeks. Whether you complete seven, fourteen, or twenty-one days of Detoxification every day spent on the program will help you avoid becoming one of the statistics that we hear of constantly, telling you that heart disease, cancer, and other modern diseases are almost inevitable and that with aging comes degeneration, hospitaliza­tion, and dependency. Each time you Detoxificate, you are empowering your own ability to create, and then sustain, the high level of health that your body is so well equipped to experience.

What Is This Detoxification Plan?

This Detoxification Plan is a simple and practical detoxification plan that fits into day-to-day life instead of asking you to put your life on hold. It is different from other detox plans that are gaining popularity in beauty and alternative-health circles, such as intensive juicing or fasting plans or the milder raw-foods diets. Extensive clinical and personal experience has shown me that these practices demand too much time, energy, or attention for most people. They work best for those who have already done months or years of dietary cleanup, and they are better suited to retreat set­tings. Such demanding programs can even in some cases be dangerous. Stripping away waste materials from the body without simultaneously carefully replenishing essential nutrients can cause a state in which toxicity is increased, not reduced. Intensive detox programs can leave a person depleted or, worse, in danger.

Detoxification is designed with safety and effectiveness in mind. It is backed by cutting-edge scientific understanding of how our organs, hormones, and enzymes function. At its core, however, are these very simple easy­to-understand concepts:

  1. Toxins and stress create obstacles for the normal functioning and self-healing capabilities of our bodies.
  2. Modern eating habits and lifestyles pollute our bodies and don’t provide the nutrients necessary for them to function at optimum levels.
  3. By removing the obstacles and providing what is lacking, our bod­ies bounce back into health, energy is restored, and we begin to look and feel our best.

The Detoxification program breaks down into three one-week plans, with a preliminary phase consisting of an elimination diet to prepare for the cleanse. Ultimately, you will work your way toward a three-week cleanse. It will be your choice whether to take Detoxificate all the way through and complete the three-week program, or to work up to the three-week cleanse in incremental phases, completing a slightly longer program each time you do it (in most cases I recommend doing Detoxification once a year). Know that any step taken in the Detoxification direction will have posi­tive impact, and over the long term doing cleanses on a regular basis will have a cumulative effect.

Three Steps of Detoxification plan

One-Week Cleanse. Your first three to five days on the program will be a lesson in how the body resists changing the deeply engrained habits around eating and drinking, even habits that your mind understands to be toxic and wants to let go of. You are encouraged to finish at least the first full week of Detoxification; by the end of this time you will experience a surge of vibrant energy and clarity of mind, as toxins are released from the tissues they have been trapped in and are recirculated for neutral­ization and subsequent elimination.

One week is enough time for your body to take advantage of this new state that you are creating. The Detoxification program optimizes the con­ditions needed for our bodies to fully express their miraculous potential of regeneration, repair, and healing. You will also have an opportunity to explore one of the dysfunctions that keeps Americans overweight: hunger. We so commonly say “I’m hungry,” but most of us don’t really know what hunger is. That bodily sensation that you call hunger may be something different. During Detoxification, you will finally be able to rename that sensation for what it really is. Detoxification guides you through a very effective way of doing just that.

More important, it is very likely that by the time you complete your first week, your motivation will soar and you’ll continue on. Some of my successful cases started with patients who were skeptics and gave me just a few days to prove my theory to them in practice.

Two-Week Cleanse. If you are able to continue, don’t stop. Set a goal of carrying straight on and accomplishing a second week on the program.

Two weeks on Detoxification will deliver to you greater benefits, as systems in your body that had been blocked and slowed begin to be optimized again, while other systems that had been on “red alert” to help you survive the insult of the toxic world get soothed and settled. Long­standing symptoms of imbalance on the “surface,” such as skin prob­lems, weight issues, allergies, and intestinal issues, begin to disappear.

Three-Week Cleanse. The completion of your third week will show you how it feels to slow down and even reverse the aging process. You are able to feel how vital, clear, and optimistic you should really feel for your true physical age, not your chronological age. The transfor­mation in those who follow the Detoxification program in its entirety is often remarkable. They finally drop stubborn pounds. Their complexions firm, tighten, and glow. The whites of the eyes get whiter and brighter. They sleep more soundly and have a higher energy level throughout the day. Patients can finally find relief from many of the discomforts that they have been struggling to get rid of, from constipation to sinus infections to joint pain. Disease processes assumed to be chronic or only manageable by drugs are often slowed down and even reversed. As you experience your body’s ability to restore order on its own, you will no longer see conditions that once had a frightening hold on you, from high blood pressure to high cholesterol and more, as life sentences.

Improved physiological balance can have a positive effect on psy­chological and emotional levels too. Moods improve, and a sense of mental clarity returns. After completing the program, many find that their cravings are reduced, poor foods and highly caffeinated drinks lose their appeal, and a mindful relationship to meals is restored. Most report that their work and relationships get a boost from what they can only describe as a heightened state of self-awareness. At a level beyond the physical, completing the three-step Detoxification program can feel like cleaning dirty spectacles: you get a fresh vision of your world.

The Importance of a Wellness Plan

A plan is essential to any endeavor where we want to see growth and success. We make a business plan, investing time and money, on a new startup. We spend huge amounts of time and money hiring experts to help us make savings plans, wedding plans, career plans, vacation plans—and sometimes even funeral plans. What this comes down to is breaking a big task into small, achievable steps and putting them on a calendar. Such planning makes a goal much easier to achieve. Yet in many years of working in medicine, I have rarely met a patient with a Wellness Plan.

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In order to truly survive in a toxic world, you need to put a Wellness Plan in place. A reasonable yet orga­nized Wellness Plan that sets out small goals for the year empowers you to achieve the ongoing state of health you need to thrive in our toxic world. Conventional health-care protocols do not cover all the bases that are essential for ongoing health in our stressed environment. For example, almost no family doctors routinely test for vitamin D levels, something I believe should be a priority, nor do they help you decide which supplements to take and when. Should you want to test for cer­tain lingering toxins, you’re also usually on your own. I’ll show you how this, too, can be achieved on your plan for the year.

The Detoxification program helps you get clarity on your health goals and priorities. It can also be used to bring you back on track when your commitment to good eating weakens and you deviate for a few weeks. Like a mile marker you can always find your way back to, Detoxification can realign you with your Wellness Plan and get you back on track.

Detoxification is safe for almost everyone. Note, however, that all cleanses can have an effect on the way prescription medications are absorbed. Some treatment regimens will exclude you as a candidate for a detox program. If you are currently taking prescription medications, please read on carefully before proceeding with the program.

The Detoxification plan Audit

Answer the questions on this list and note your “yes” answers.

Do you have headaches more than occasionally? Do you tend to get colds or viruses each year?

Do you have bowel movements less frequently than after every meal?

Do you have bowel movements that are not soft and easily passed?

Do you have diarrhea more than very rarely?

Do you get itchy or watery eyes and nose at certain times of year?

Do you have allergies or hay fever?

Do you often get congested or mucusy?

Do you get bloated after eating?

Do you have extra pounds that won’t come off with diet and exercise?

Do you have puffiness in areas of your face or body?

Do you have dark circles under your eyes?

Do you get heartburn?

Do you have gas more than occasionally?

Do you have bad breath or body odor?

Is there a thin white coat on the back of your tongue when you wake up?

Do you get cravings for certain kinds of food, especially sugary, starchy, or dairy foods?

Do you have a tendency toward restless sleep?

Do you have itchy skin, pimples, or any other troubling skin condition?

Do you get pain or stiffness in your joints or muscles? Do you have low moods or a foggy mind?


Do you find that you are forgetful, have difficulty concentrating, or can’t find words?

Do you feel apathetic and tired?

Do you feel anger or bursts of irrational frustration? Do you have higher than average sensitivity to odors?

Have you noticed an increasing sensitivity to toxins in everyday life, such as feeling more nauseated when you smell dry-cleaning fluid or fill up your car’s tank with gas, noticing stronger effects of certain food additives, or having reactions to cleaning or personal-care products?

Do you use multiple prescription medications?

Do you use many potentially toxic chemicals in your home or work environment?

Do you have musculoskeletal aches and pains or symptoms sug – gestive of fibromyalgia?

Do you have tingling or numbness on one side?

Do you have strange reactions to medications or supplements? Do you have recurrent edema?

Have you noticed a worsening of any troublesome symptoms after anesthesia or pregnancy?

These could all be symptoms of toxicity. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t answer “yes” to at least one or two of these questions. Some people have many more “yes” answers than that. Whatever your response, affirmative answers to any of these questions indicate that you would benefit highly from Detoxification, which has been shown to improve and clear up these symptoms and many others.

Detoxification is not a magic bullet. It is not designed to cure every ailment. It is designed to be a jump start—a reboot that gets all systems running better. Once you’ve completed part or all of it the first time, it is a pre­ventive tool that you’ll use periodically to shed accumulated toxins and switch on deeper healing. Meanwhile, you will create an ongoing Wellness Plan to achieve a set of longer-term toxin-beating goals.

Detoxification is not the result of multimillion-dollar clinical trials or phar­maceutical company sponsorship. This modern detox program came to life in the same way that many great discoveries are made, when one person went on a journey to find a solution for his own suffering. In the case of Detoxification, that person was me.

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Many tips are based on recent research, while others were known in ancient times. But they have all been proven to be effective. So keep this website close at hand and make the advice it offers a part of your daily life.